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Marty Haynes
Hamilton County Assessor

During the campaign, I outlined a bold vision on how we could modernize the Assessor of Property Office in order to make its services customer-focused, technology driven and more responsive to the needs of all property owners across Hamilton County.

Since taking office in September 2016, I have worked hard every day to implement a variety of changes and improvements that will help move the Assessor’s Office one step closer to accomplishing this vision, such as:

– Expanded the work week of our employees so the Assessor’s Office can remain open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – all without creating an increase in cost to local taxpayers.

– Effectively managed the annual budget for the Assessor Office that resulted in a current fiscal year cost savings of $235,000. These savings provided needed funds to purchase an $85,000 upgrade to modernize the software system used in the Assessor’s Office.

– Eliminated all take home cars for the Assessor’s Office, including the one reserved for the Assessor of Property. In addition, I have reduced the Assessor’s fleet of vehicles from 23 to 18 that will provide additional savings to local taxpayers.

– Improved the diversity in the Assessor’s Office, including the hiring of the first female property appraiser in the history of Hamilton County.

– Simplified the appeal process and made it more responsive to the needs of commercial and residential property owners by improving the online appeals process so it’s more user-friendly and convenient for those who work day in and day out.